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Risk Based Classification Of The Services

Product Term/Risk Classification:

The above classification of products is done based on following: Segment/Risk


1. Would you invest, where a medium return is earned associated with medium risk, instead of a high return associated with high risk?/Direct questions to ascertain risk appetite.

2. When market is not performing well, would you like to invest in more risky investment, instead of less risky investment to earn high return?/Direct questions to ascertain risk appetite.

3. High risk is associated with high returns, medium risk is associated with medium returns and low risk is associated with low returns. What risk you can bear?/Direct questions to ascertain risk appetite.

4. What is the duration of investment you are looking forward to keep invested?

5. In which of the following market segments have you traded previously? (For selection of product):

6. What is your experience with equity investments? (For selection of product):

7. What is your experience with commodity investments? (For selection of product):

8. What is your experience with forex investments? (For selection of product):

9. What is your age group? (weightage allotted):

10. Investment goal:

11. Proposed investment amount:

12. Gross Annual Income Details:

13. Sources of income:

14. Market Value of portfolio held:

15. Investment experience:

16. Number of dependents you financially support:

17. Size of your emergency fund:

18. The percentage of monthly income allocated to pay off debt including EMI's:

19. With reference to above questionnaire clients profile is considered as:

20. Occupation:

21. Are you any of the following, or are directly or indirectly related to any of the following?

Date :


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